Testing out of a Course

Dear Parents and Students,


 As provided for in amendments to State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-.15 (AWARDING UNITS OF CREDIT AND ACCEPTANCE OF TRANSFER CREDIT AND/OR GRADES) adopted by the Board in April 2013, the opportunity exists for students to “test-out” of any course for which there is an associated EOCT and earn credit for the course through that process.


Under the provisions of the amended rule and guidelines published by the Georgia Department of Education’s (GaDOE) Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, local boards of education shall award course credit to students who reach the achievement level of Distinguished on an EOC taken prior to taking the course. For example, a student may attempt the Biology EOC prior to taking the course. If the student reaches the achievement level of Distinguished, the local board of education shall award the student the Biology course credit. A student may test-out of any course that has an associated EOC. As stated in the Rule, students may earn no more than three units of credit by demonstrating subject area competency in this fashion.


Student Eligibility:

Students must meet the following requirements to exercise this option:

1. Not currently or previously enrolled in the course;

2. Have earned a grade of B or better in the most recent course that is the same content area of the course for which the student is attempting the EOC;

3. Received a teacher recommendation from the teacher of the most recent course in the same content area (or, if not available, a teacher in the same content area with knowledge of the student’s academic achievement) for which the student is attempting the EOC; and

4. Received parent/guardian permission if the student is less than 18 years of age.


Students may take these tests in March for this school year. Students will need to complete an application for test-out, get a teacher recommendation, and have parent permission. All applications for March testing will be due by February 28th to Mrs. Stephens at Pepperell High School. Testing for March will be done March 20-23, 2017.


The cost of each test is $50 that must be paid BEFORE taking the test. If a student obtains a level of DISTINGUISHED on the EOC, the $50 will be returned. If the student does not EXCEED, the fee will be processed. Students may earn no more than three units of credit by demonstrating subject area competency by “testing-out.” Students will not receive Honors credit for these courses.


Please contact Mr. Turner for more information and an application.




                                                                                                Lee Turner – School Counselor


EOC Courses available to Test-Out:  Algebra I, Geometry, US History, Economics/Business/Free Enterprise, Biology, Physical Science, 9th Grade Lit, American Lit.