Senior Year
  1. Set up your senior conference with Ms. Whitfield.
  2. Begin the application process for your “top 5” schools.The early deadlines are usually the middle of October.
  3. Update your high school portfolio.
  4. Keep copies of all paperwork so that you have it if someone else requests the same information.
  5. Decide by the beginning of September what teachers/administrators (at least 3) that you would like to write a letter of recommendation for you.Go ahead and ask them.They can create the letter for you that can be updated each time you need a recommendation.Don’t ask at the last minute.
  6. Schedule your final college visits.All college days must be approved by the principal before you take them.
  7. Continue to be active in school and in community service.
  8. Continue to do your best in the classroom.
  9. Take a full load of classes.Academic classes always look better on your transcript.
  10. Check with Ms. Whitfield in August to see if you should take the ACT or SAT.